Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year! Plus a Happy Valentines Day~


Saturday, February 13, 2010

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Changed my blog layout after so long :D and this is my first post in 6 months... wow.
Off to relatives house to eat STEAMBOAT ♥

Saturday, July 18, 2009

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See the song I'm listening to? Saiyuki's first opening, lol. I miss Saiyuki so much D: so I went to read all 3 series, Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, and Saiyuki Gaiden. Saiyuki Gaiden was so beautiful I can't express my feelings through mere words. Oh goku you poor little thing ;__; Then in December 28th, SAIYUKI RELOAD BLAST. zoomggg. Nataku's in the preview for the new series... CANNOT WAIT.

Then there's FMA's new opening, Hologram by Nico Touches the Walls. Kinda surprised, in a good way :D Sadly the opening animation disappoints. The ending animation isn't very nice either, I liked the whole looking-at-the-person's back thing... but they didn't do it very well. At first I was like, "Oh so it's Winry looking at Edward's back... or something" but then it went nowhere. So yeah, got less interesting.

And then the most wtf moment of this week: ONE PIECEEE. What the shit is going on .___. Shichibukai becoming massive (what, incorporating artistic devices into manga? no thx.), and then Ace (SPOILER ALEEERT)'s father being Gold Roger and his mother died, but Luffy's the younger brother and his father is Monkey D. Dragon. But since the mother died... WHERE DID LUFFY COME FROM DDD: WHAT'S WITH EVERYONE HAVING THE INTIALS "D." WHY THE HECK DOES ROUGE LOOK LIKE NYON FROM AMAZON LILY .___. Yeah. Oda, nice.

:D So many "Itsuki's gay for Kyon" moments (which repeats). Making me like Endless Eight ahaha. The "Haruhi would be confused if I said 'I love you' to her. -laugh laugh-", the "What is it? Don't stare - turns and pouts-" and the awesome gay scarves, speedos, etc. all amused me to no end. Also, that "Kyon-kun, denwa." line... omg it's really creepy now .__.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

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Supernatural: 9th September
Dollhouse: 18th September
House: 21st September

IT'S SO FAR AWAAAY. I wonder when HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory comes back D: AUGUST PLEASE.

Nothing else to say besides this lol.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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Okay, why on earth is Hibari #1 for "The Character I want to be my Groom" .__.

hereeeee (why is Tsuna on that list btw.)

I get why Mio's top of the Bride one... but why Hibari omg. The whole wedding will consist of him staring into blank space somewhere, or completely missing. I bet you'll end up killing Hibird because he's spending more time with it than with you. HE'LL EVEN BITE YOU TO DEATH DD: I'm not happy. Sebastian should not be at 9. I DEMAND SEBASTIAN TO NOT BE AT 9.

But I do love Hibari :D

Then there's the K-ON! character albums that just came out :D I'm not a review-y kinda person, so I'm just gonna say that I liked Yui's version of "Let's Go" more than Mio's. Yes, I did just say that. That song isn't meant for Mio. Just like how Mio will never be able to sing Cagayake!Girls as well as Yui. Or Yui for Don't say Lazy. Oh... what about Azusa's character album?

Give her a character album now or she'll bite you to deeaath.

Next news, KUROSHITSUJI SEASON 2. JAPAN... WHAAAAAT? How are they gonna change the previous ending... Sebastian has one arm. How does he grow it back, how. Sebastian took all that effort to row Ciel to that island to rape eat him, and they decide to make him row Ciel back again? WITH ONE ARM? Seriously, I don't want to see him magically grow it back. Then again, he can heal himself or something. Never really knew how Sebastian's healing powers worked. I don't know how healing itself works. Like for Deadpool, if you cut him in half will that form two Deadpools. Meh. Or Claire Bennet. OR SYLAAAR.

Also about Kuroshitsuji... rumours about a Korean-Japan production for a live action Kuroshitsuji movie with Choi Siwon getting the starring role. OHOHOHOHOHO I'm amused. SUPEERR JUNIOORRR. Too bad it's only rumours. I would kill to watch that movie XD Even if it might be horrible. I'll do it for Siwon :D HEECHUL AS GRELL ANYONE?


Friday, May 15, 2009

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This song is so weird, but so catchy XD

So... I don't know what to write actually. Just horrendously bored. K-ON's still awesome as usual (actually episode 6 was twice the awesome), and I'm lazy to watch 07-Ghost. That's it for anime. Ah boredom.

OTHER" THOUGH :D Became a fan of Neil Patrick Harris just like that ahaha. His acting seems a bit awkward whenever his boyfriend appears with him though... maybe it's just me and my fangirling XD Not that they appear much together in the show anyway. Thanks Aqil for recommending this awesome show :DD Unfortunately everything's at it's season finale so, oh the boredom. BBT, House, Heroes, HIMYM on Mondays, South Park on Thursdays, Supernatural on Fridays... ALL GONNEEE (till September).

Speaking of Supernatural, that was a awesome season finale. Unfortunately, I don't like cliffhangers. Especially cliffhangers that big. I mean showing Dean in Hell was cliffhanger-horror enough... but just when Lucifer's prison door opens? That's pure evil right there. Pure. Evil. Also leaving us wondering if poor Castiel was killed by the archangels. I CAN'T WAIT TILL SEPTEMBER. Beside the horrible cliffhanger, the twis
t was kinda nice though. Although Ruby proving that she was evil was like, "Oh she's evil, okay then." Not really surprising imo.


SPOILAAAR. That scene was awesome, screenshot was inevitable.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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K-ON OPENING AND ENDING OUT :D WITH LYRICS. Although I want the lyrics to Sweet Bitter Beauty too... wonder when that will happen.

Okay went to RIJC (I keep referring it to RI now, and it confuses people a lot...) and had a choir exchange :D which was really fun. Learnt a lot as well although we messed up... BUT OH WELL. WE'LL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS 13 DAYS. THE NEXT PERFORMANCE AT SJI, WE'LL ROCK. Also, ahaha Gabriel Lee had this mass of fanboys. "GABRIEL YOU'RE SO MANLY." AHAHA that was so awesome. Then they all started taking pictures with him.

Kuroshitsuji: AHAHAH VINCENT <3 and that black-haired guy he's with. Kinda reminds me of Hyuuga from 07 Ghost actually... FANART OF THEM PLEASE AHAHA. Also, cliffhangers are killing me... FINNY DD: WHY YOU ZOMBIE. Oh was that a spoiler? Heh.


What other manga is there... oh I went to read Bleach thinking Ishida died, to my horror... they took Ulquiorra away D: Go die. Naruto, they took away Kakashi D: Go die. Fairy Tail, okay isn't so back since Mistgun turned out to be some other clone of Sieghart :D I WAS NOT HAPPY WHEN THEY PUT SIEGHART'S FACE WITH SOME HORRIBLE PERSONALITY. That's all the recent deaths I can remember lol.

Oh, that In the Ayer song... I can't stop watching the Nigahiga spoof now. I REMEMBER LAST YEAR WHEN I WAS FOLLOWING NIGAHIGA'S VIDEOS... OH THAT SONG. COULDN'T STOP WATCHING. Gabriel I blame youuuuu.

Picture for the sake of having a picture:

Aw. I want to bring them home~

Monday, April 06, 2009

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Well from the music, I guess you can tell what I'm about to blog about.


Okay so filler episode, but for a filler it was seriously impressive. Although seeing the quality being that awesome, I can't help but feel scared for the rest of the series. Hopefully they don't just blow their whole budget on the first few episodes and then continue by giving us sub-standard episodes later on. No thanks.

For music, I'm probably not the only one who was shocked that the opening was gonna be sung by YUI. L'arc-en-Ciel anyone? Then I heard that SID was playing the ending and my reaction: "Whut. Shouldn't they be switching?" After watching the opening and ending however, completely changed my mind. Even though I don't really like "again" (I MISS THE OLD YUI SONGS THAT'S ALL, AND 15 SEC PREVIEW WAS SO AWESOME THE WHOLE SONG COULDN'T MATCH UP XD), the opening didn't seem all that bad in the end, kinda liked it better than the whole song. Still... l'arc-en-ciel anyone? Also Edward with that scene in the meadow with his hair flowing in the wind, yeah what's up with that... he looks fat imo. I kinda wished they kept the FMA tradition of males singing the opening, females singing the ending, just for old times sake.

Shaman King... oh god Hao. I remember ranting about how Hiroyuki Takei should quickly get to chapters with Hao, especially since he's currently sleeping naked somewhere... and wow when the chapter was released, hoho.

So. awesome. There's also the chapter revealing what Hao and Yoh talked about when they were sleeping in the same room (nothing happened, sadly) before going to Mu. So Hao was wearing this yukata... man he looks so extremely girly it's possibly impossible for him to get any girlier. Well, I was wrong. A few chapters after that (I think?), coloured splash page with, Princess Hao. Yeah. Imagine how girly that would be if he looked girlier before, it's so extreme I thought I would have to be lesbian.


Friday, March 20, 2009

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:D New Super Junior album was out a week ago. MV is awesooome, as well as the live. Kyuhyun and Yesung seem to have a whole lot of lines in the song... I guess it's because they're the best singers. Though I feel sad that Heechul isn't involved much. Oh well, at least at the last part the limelight's on him XD

More importantly... NEW SHAMAN KING CHAPTERS :D Finally we get to see how Marco and Luchist died. Previously when I was reading... it's seriously weird when Marco and Luchist get into their battle costumes and stare at each other saying that it's the end, and then next chapter Lyserg starts crying. What. He just skipped through that whole part right there. But now that it's finally filled... omg awesome :D Why? Because we find out that Luchist is a pedophile, and well, Marco's pedophilia isn't much of a surprise.

"You have matured, Marco." OKAY YEAH WHICH PART OF THAT SHOWED ANY MATURITY. ANGEL BOYS SQUAD, AHAHA. Yoh looks so weird in the X-Laws uniform... I thought he would look nicer actually, wonder how Hao would look like. Chocolove... yeah weird. Ren looks kinda okay, compared to Yoh. For Horohoro, I just like his headband :D And then Marco and Luchists dies together (which looked really awesome imo XD). Not really a spoiler... technically? For people who have read Shaman King before at least...


Looks, awesome. Now... how do I buy it.

Tsubasa: Okay... I don't get it at all. INTERESTING THOUGH, YUKITO AND TOUYA ARE LIKE, TOGETHER IN THE CCS WORLD :D No surprise there... nice to know that they're doing well after so many years though :D

From DP scanlations:
Licensing news! There’s going to be some new doctors hitting the English Yaoi World. You’ll be able to find them in the smut filled manga called “Gay’s Anatomy”, which will be released by Kitty Media in the not so distant future. If you’re wondering which of our projects this is, it’s “Shihaisuru Yubisaki” by Higashino Yuu.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

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That, is beyond cute. Can't wait for the Sebastian Nendoroid now :D Also... I do not understand the Japanese. TRANSLATION PLEASE. Soon, the coloured sample would be out. SOOOOON.